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KIT PLACA MÃE SIS 530 + K62 500

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KIT PLACA MÃE SIS 530 + K62 500

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KIT PLACA MÃE SIS 530 + K62 500




KIT PLACA MÃE SIS 530 + K62 500




Socket-7 Processor Support
Supports all recent socket-7 processors including Intel P55C (Pentium MMX), Cyrix/IBM 6x86L/6x86MX/M-II, AMD K6/K6-2/K6-III, and IDT C6 and WinChip 2/2A CPUs

Supports socket-7 processors with system bus frequencies of 60/66/75/83/95/100 MHz

CPU Plug and Play support let the firmware automatically configure the CPU

512K/1 MB external Level 2 cache memory is provided onboard


Memory Support
Three DIMM slots for 3.3V SDRAM 168-pin memory modules

Support for 66 MHz and 100 MHz memory bus

Maximum installed memory can be 3 x 256 MB = 768 MB


Expansion Slots
Two 32-bit PCI slots

One 8/16-bit ISA slots


Onboard IDE channels
Primary and Secondary PCI IDE channels

Support for PIO (programmable input/output) modes

Support for Bus mastering and UltraDMA 33/66 modes


Power Supply and Power Management
Provides AT/ATX power connector

Support for Power button/Suspend Switch, and Keyboard Power On/Off (needs Win98 keyboard)

Supports Wake on Modem, Wake on LAN and Wake on Alarm


Built-in Graphics System
Onboard 64-bit 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator

Complies with AGP Ver.1 with 66/133 MHz operation

Shared memory architecture allows a maximum of 8 MB main memory to act as frame buffer

Supports high resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels

Sound System
Meets PC98 audio specification

Full duplex playback and recording with built-in 16-bit CODEC



Onboard I/O Ports
Floppy disk drive port with 1Mb/s transfer rate

One serial port with 16550-compatible fast UART

One parallel port with support for ECP and EPP

Two USB ports & one PS/2 ports (optional)

One optional infrared port


Hardware Monitoring
Built-in hardware monitoring for CPU temperature and fan speeds

Supports AMI?s Desktop Client Manager (ADCM)


Built-in LAN
Onboard 10BaseT/100BaseTX LAN



Fax/Modem DAA Module
56 Kbps Fax/Modem DAA module

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